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What do professional stagers do when they undertake an assessment of a property?

I often get asked this question, as people find it hard to fully understand what a professional property stager offers apart from supply, placing and plumping cushions!

When I enter a property, I am looking to view that property with ‘buyers’ eyes’. Taking note of my first impression upon pulling up at kerbside. One advantage I have by being a ‘practice buyer’ is that I have not, at this stage, done any online research comparing other homes. I therefore have not discounted the property based on its online presence, which is an advantage as we can make sure that through staging and a strong marketing campaign we can make the property stand out amongst the online competition.

Generally, I start my assessment from the street, looking at kerb appeal. For example: how do I get into the property, is the path/driveway clear? Gardens are next: are they looked after? Often, buyers will discount a property if it looks like its not being looked after. Once that seed has been planted buyers often start looking for evidence that may lead to them offering a lower price or discounting the property all together, unless of course they want a project!

Once inside I like to walk around the house to get a good feel for the property. With the buyer in mind, I go back to the entry and go room by room assessing elements such as room identity, furniture placement, size and appropriateness, current décor, flooring, window coverings and personal accessories and items. As well, noting all of the highlights of the property and ways of making sure that through staging we can enhance them and down play any areas what would not ordinarily be classified as a ‘highlight’.

So, that’s that in a nutshell, before I even start to think about full or partial staging, accessory hire only, furniture to be used, stored or rental items.

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Watch out for future Blogs, which offer an insight into staging.

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