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Thinking of staging your home yourself?

There is plenty of information out there on what you should do, but here are my top 3 tips on what not to do.

1. Depersonalise

Don’t depersonalise too much, yes it is known that lots of family photos and personal items can be a distraction to buyers, but none at all can also be a distraction. There needs to be a balance, by having a selected few items the buyers will be able to see that this is indeed a much cared for family home and imagine themselves living there.

2. Cleaning

Don’t underestimate the value of a clean home. An unclean home will make the buyers think that the property is not cared for, so ignore this at your peril. Buyers may not even notice that the house has been cleaned, but I can assure you that they will notice if it is not clean. If there are any smells in the house such as pet or cooking smells they could also lead a buyer to believe that the home is not cared for, both of these are a distraction to buyers.

3. Kerb appeal

Ignoring the front entrance, or any outdoor areas, will leave a lasting impression on the buyers, after all this is the very first thing they see when approaching the property. An unkempt area may lead the buyers to make the decision to not view the interior therefor, reducing the number of potential buyers. First impressions do really count!

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