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I am selling my property, how do I attract more buyers?

It goes without saying, sellers want to get the best price and spend as little time on the market as possible. After all, realising a return on your investment is often a key driver to selling.

This is where professional property staging can help your property stand out from the crowd. As we all know the purpose of any marketing campaign (whether you are selling cars, shoes or property) is to maximise appeal and hook those buyers in.

Marketing is key and staging should be part of your marketing campaign. I like to use the “going for a job interview scenario’: when you are going for an interview, you are in fact selling yourself (aka marketing). I’m sure you would not turn up for an interview without at least making sure you looked presentable and were dressed appropriately. The same principles apply to selling a property: you are trying to attract buyers (i.e. company conducting the interview) and we all know first impressions count.

So now I ask you to pose yourself this question: Is my home/investment property presented/dressed appropriately for the target buyer? These days your online presence has to be second to none and a property stager can ensure that the presentation of your property is targeted at those buyers. Coupled with professional photos, your property will instantly attract greater interest and ultimately sell faster for a higher price.


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