Frequently Asked Questions



Why should I stage my property?

First impressions count. DT Design’s home staging service aims to make that first impression a great one. Purchasing a home is based on emotion and in order to optimise your selling price DT Design creates beautiful spaces that showcase your property’s unique aspects.

Buyer’s emotional connections start when they first see your property and this normally starts with viewing the photos online. Using staging we aim to connect as early as possible to entice them into viewing your property. The viewing will enable buyers to see and feel how they would live in the home therefore creating a deeper emotional connection. DT Design wants to make sure that your property stands out from your competition.

What are the benefits of property staging?

When it comes to making your property stand out in a competitive market staging your home with the right furniture can make a world of difference. Creating the right first impression is imperative, getting it right is paramount. Buyers rarely fall in love with an empty space and over 90% of buyers cannot visualise a room that is not laid out to show off the property’s best assets. 

By investing in DT Design to stage your property whether you are selling or letting we will ensure that your property is dressed to impress your target market. Viewers make the decision to buy or not in the first few minutes, so any investment in ensuring buyers feel an emotional pull will be of benefit. Is professional home staging worth the cost?

Many Estate Agents feel that while a well presented home certainly has more marketing potential and is likely to sell faster than the competition it could also achieve the optimum selling price for the seller.


As part of your marketing campaign, having your property staged and professionally photographed will enable you to have a fabulous online presence.  Some Real Estate agents suggest that 80% of leads come from online sources. For more information see what role does the internet play when selling your property? 

A recent article in The Australian stated “staging gives sales an edge”. The business of selling property in Australia has spawned a thriving “home staging” industry that promises to add significant dollars to the price. Agents estimate up to 40% of houses for sale in certain inner-city suburbs are being “styled”.

How can I pay? 

Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash or credit card (with a small fee). DT Design can also offer payment options. Please contact us for further details.

What if my property is already on the market, but not selling?

If you’ve found yourself with a property that has been languishing on the market for months, home staging could be a way forward. We would suggest you take it off the market, arrange to have the property staged and re-launch it. It could be a very lucrative second bite of the cherry.

What if I am getting viewings but no offers, can property staging help?

Yes, you need two things to sell or let a property: the right price and correct presentation. A good estate agent will set the price and DT Design will undertake to ensure the presentation is spot-on. We will stage your property to impress your target market.

How do I know whether I need help with my property’s presentation?

If you are getting viewers through the door without receiving any offers then the estate agent has priced it correctly  presentation may be the issue. With our down to earth approach we will ensure that your property will appeal to the widest buying audience without breaking the bank.

How much will it cost to stage my property?

The financial investment depends on the size of your property and actual staging requirements, in general a fully staged house is less than 1% of the property’s value, we will be pleased to talk to you about your requirements and provide an initial quote. Please either contact us or fill out and send the online quote.

Can I still live in the property once it has been staged?

Yes, most of our clients continue to live in their homes during their selling campaign.

Do I need to rent a full house or furniture and accessories?

No, we will work with your current furniture and accessories as much as we can, noting we need to ensure that the staging is targeted to the market. We are very flexible and always work with the home owner’s budget in mind.

How long will I need to rent the furniture for?

This really depends on marketing campaign, but in general the normal rental period is between 4 to 6 weeks, additional weeks can be arranged.

Do I need to spend money on repairs and maintenance?

Yes, investing in minor repairs and updates will ensure that your property is as marketable as possible. Any area that needs repairs or maintenance is a distraction to the buyers, todays buyers have high expectations and if they

perceive that a property needs work, no matter how small, they will start to look at either presenting a lower offer or moving onto the next "ready to move into" property.

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